A Stupid Story Ends

And that is the end of Diablo’s backstory. If you have any complaints please direct them to the wide open sky.

Origin Story

When I write this I assumed everyone knew who Roy Cohn was. Now I don’t assume that anyone knows anything because everyone is dumb.

Chilean Chocolate

Chilean chocolate isn’t really made from the hearts of toddlers, that would be very expensive.

Robot Willies

Back in my day, robot genitalia was made from horse ribs and sharpened bits of obsidian.

A Teachable Moment

Now that I am a parent of three children I know that this strip is entirely too accurate.


Most emergencies can be solved with the proper application of soft pretzels.

Fortune and Glory

Now that MJ is deceased I kinda feel bad about making fun of him in this strip.


Nah. No I don’t.

Youth Culture

Oliver knows a lot of words for someone born several minutes ago.


Oliver is the unwavering moral center of the strip, if you ask me.