The End of Loovis Jr.

Testicular Shock is the number one killer of male choir teachers aged 70 and above.


The dreaded Octohitler is the most fearsome form of the Hitler.

Eat My Steel

I like Diablo’s “Fight” pennant. We should sell those in the store, maybe.


Nerd is the worst thing you can call someone who is a baby chicken.

The Plan

My first car was a Celebrity Eurosport. We called it “The Mule”. The temperature sensor was made of a material that easily melted.

Zombie Peanut Butter

You can’t just whip up clones from nothing. You need an equivalent amount of peanut butter.


Diablo’s brother is pretty cool.

Farm Living

Look! It’s Octothitler, panel 1. Can you say “Foreshadowing”? I knew that you could.