The timber of shared experience is Balsa wood.
Now you know.


Most emergencies can be solved with the proper application of soft pretzels.

Fortune and Glory

Now that MJ is deceased I kinda feel bad about making fun of him in this strip.


Nah. No I don’t.


That Scoody-Doo lunchbox was made of cast iron and could be used as a weapon (and was).


The difference between thirty and forty is that my aging paranoia is slightly more justified.

A Defensive Mechanism

And so ends the tale of the time Phillip and Jon ate God, inadvertently setting in motion the events that would bring about the end of the Multiverse. Maybe. Thanks for reading!

Pick A Form, Any Form

Phillip’s main exposure to the concept of strategy has come in the form of Captain Kirk defeating evil space computers.

Larry the God

God can be any pirate he wants to be. Retirement suits Him well.