The Three Magi

Hinglemann’s is the only meteorological reference I trust for my meteoric activities.


Ah, childhood. They should make a pill for that.


Does anyone really enjoy Uno? It makes me furious. I have unresolved Uno issues.

Pasta Power

I think I was hungry when I wrote this one.

Fab Four

Paul sucks, science has proven it.


A baby is only as good as the components its made from.

A Defensive Mechanism

And so ends the tale of the time Phillip and Jon ate God, inadvertently setting in motion the events that would bring about the end of the Multiverse. Maybe. Thanks for reading!

Pick A Form, Any Form

Phillip’s main exposure to the concept of strategy has come in the form of Captain Kirk defeating evil space computers.

Larry the God

God can be any pirate he wants to be. Retirement suits Him well.