Sweaty Gay Pope Sex

Communists are like gremlins– they’re everywhere, hidden, causing problems with planes and machinery and pope sex.

Bitchin’ Raiments

When I was in Rome I saw a raiments store. Chock full of pope robes and bishop cloaks and child restraints.

The Rules

Modern Villainry Duel rules are 40 pages long and have two chapters devoted to proper use of turtles and tortoises.

Villainry Duel

To be fair, Swedes will flip out at the mention of just about anything.

Origin Story

When I write this I assumed everyone knew who Roy Cohn was. Now I don’t assume that anyone knows anything because everyone is dumb.


The timber of shared experience is Balsa wood.
Now you know.

Youth Culture

Oliver knows a lot of words for someone born several minutes ago.


Oliver is the unwavering moral center of the strip, if you ask me.

The Gift

I have no idea what’s in the box.