Popes On Top

Pretty sure this was the first gay alien pope marriage depicted in webcomics. We’ve made history here.

If you’re seeing this, that means you’re on the new Goats server. Hooray!

Sweaty Gay Pope Sex

Communists are like gremlins– they’re everywhere, hidden, causing problems with planes and machinery and pope sex.

Forbidden Love

Any sentient being should be allowed to marry any other sentient being that is capable of consent, as far as I’m concerned.

Room For Love

Neil and Bob’s relationship is complicated, according to their Facebook statii.

Rum Raisin

What does God need with a starship money?

Arch Popes

Neil and Bob rarely play nicely with others.

Bitchin’ Raiments

When I was in Rome I saw a raiments store. Chock full of pope robes and bishop cloaks and child restraints.

The Rules

Modern Villainry Duel rules are 40 pages long and have two chapters devoted to proper use of turtles and tortoises.